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A Book Gathering With Dori

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A Book Gathering With Dori!
  • Part One
  • Part Two
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 4 – Improve Your Expert Positioning
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 5 – Gain Celebrity Status & Differentiate Your Business With Video Marketing
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 6 – Increase Revenue with Economical Marketing Strategies
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 7 – Elevate Your Success with Reviews and Testimonials
  • Part Three
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 8 – Five Steps to a Successful Lifetime Client Journey
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 9 – Touchpoints to Enhance the Guest Experience & Increase Retention
  • Part Four
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 10 – Financial Health – Your Business In The Black
    • Watch On Demand – Chapter 11 – Tap into Online Revenue Streams
    • July 19th – Chapter 12 – Succeed with a Recurring Revenue Model & Loyalty Program
Join us, let’s gather to share knowledge, have fun, and make lifestyle improvements.

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